Wrist Guards – (COMPULSORY as per WFTDA rules and XRD safety standards)

IMG_0544Wrist guards are a pretty important piece of kit. When falling over, we do tend to instinctively put our hands out to try to land or simply to right our balance. If it weren’t for wrist guards, I truly believe that snapped wrists and broken hands would be very common in the Roller Derby world. These would also have strong everyday life repurcussions, too. How would you text, use a computer, or carry your shopping? Thankfully, wrist guards are cheaper than elbow pads, and again, you want to invest in a wrist guard that has a hard plastic insert under the wrist joint, flowing to the base of the palm. Again, make sure all the kit you purchase is made for and certified for Skate use.
Try the usual pad-making manufacturers mentioned in the above sections for a decent pair of wrist guards.