Mouthguard – (COMPULSORY as per WFTDA rules and XRD safety standards)

IMG_0545Remember I said about certain types of knee pad causing people to face-plant? Well, that’s not the only thing that can cause your face to get intimately acquainted with the floor. A bad fall where you are unable to get your hands under yourself in time will probably result in you passionately kissing concrete. You will also find that, despite there being rules against elbowing and punching people on the track, these things can and will happen accidentally from time-to-time. Added to which, it is a rules-stated requirement that all skaters wear a mouthguard when bouting, so there is no excuse for not owning one.

You can pick up basic mouth guards, the variety for boxing or martial arts cheaply from high street sports shops. The most favoured brand however for roller derby would be the colourful SiSu range. They have a distinctive shape which allows heat moulding to your upper set of teeth to give a comfortable fit. They have the added advantage of allowing you to talk and drink and talk whilst wearing it, essential in a game, as removing a mouth guard on track will earn you a kit violation penalty.