Elbow Pads – (COMPULSORY as per WFTDA rules and XRD safety standards)

IMG_0543Your head and your knees are the most important things to keep safe, but that’s not to say you should neglect any other part of your body. Elbow pads by their very nature are much more affordable than knee pads, due to less material being used. Whilst your elbows don’t tend to hit the floor as much as your knees do in Roller Derby, they still should not be discounted from the list of “things to spend money on”. Again, the more you spend, the more you can expect to be protected, but don’t forget comfort, too! Wearing pads that are uncomfortable can actually be quite an annoying distraction, and when you are on the track in a bout situation, you can’t skate around slowly becoming more annoyed at those elbow pads rubbing your arms raw.
There’s a good chance that if you like the fit and the comfort of your knee pads, you are going to be similarly impressed with the elbow versions.
Once again, you want to invest in the hard-shell type of pad (required in the WFTDA rules), and the best kinds are usually made by:
Triple 8