International Women’s Day 2019

Today we celebrated the strong, dynamic women who contribute and train as part of #exeterrollerderby.

As an all gender club #intenationalwomensday2019 is a day for the whole club to appreciate the time and effort all our female skaters put in.

Roller Derby from its outset was an intrinsically female led sport. Because of this fantastic legacy the growth of male roller derby globally benefits hugely from woman coaching, benching, officiating and competing at the highest level alongside men. Roller Derby at it’s heart (and governing bodies) truly does seek to match up this years #balanceforbetter ideology.

Throughout the day we highlighted some of our skaters, who shared with you the women who have inspired them.

For #internationalwomensday we’ve asked some of our women skaters, who are their inspirational female figures?

Kate says…

The women who inspire me are mostly local heroes:

Danu who has overcome adversity to become a graduate, achieved more learning than I can comprehend, set up her own ventures, and worked hard to support the police force in her roles with them. Her intelligence and compassion are incredible.

Kalkidan Legesse, who has worked tirelessly to make fashion fair and sustainable, and runs and hosts groups for people to learn skills and help the planet.

Rose Verney, who brings joy and a fresh way of looking at life not only through her art work but to individuals through therapy, and also helps people in her community without a garden to compost.

Jenny Harlow whose joy, passion, and talent support many community productions including acting, singing and a women’s day flash mob.

Holly Jarrett who uses politics to fight for equality and justice

Kate who runs roller derby and is a devon girls can ambassador. She teaches kindly and makes it fun to learn, and the whole atmosphere of the group is one of kindness and support and enjoyment, a testament to her personality.

We are blessed with incredible people! Xxx.

Rebecca says…

My mum inspires me so much and makes me so proud with her work with the Women’s institute and her veganism.

I’m very inspired by Florence Welch and the passion she puts into her performance.

Megan says…

My Grandma. She said to me to do what you love and not to give a damn.

Kate says…

My inspiration is a skater in the US called Downtown Dallis, she used to skate with Arch Rival Roller Girls, St. Louis All stars & their intraleague team The Smashinistas & now benches for St. Louis Gate Keepers & men’s team USA, she skated across the state of Missouri for Sk8 the State for MS after losing her father to the disease, she was an Atom All Star, all of this while suffering with Rheumatoid Arthritis, she inspires me as although I’m not the same skill level as her, having the same illness I know it is possible to keep going & doing what I love for as long as possible

I would also say, everyone that I teach & my friends that I skate & coach with inspire me also. Every time I hear such touching feedback it inspires me, it pushes me, keeps me going and lets me feel that I’m doing the right thing encouraging & helping others build confidence & helping to build a safe space for all to skate & start their derby.

Helen says…

Jo Pavey inspires me because she won the 10,000m gold medal at the 2014 European championships ten months after giving birth to her second child. She is a five time Olympian and the only British runner and track event athlete to have competed in five games. She has also fought back from injury several times over the years, never giving up. At 45 years of age she continues to compete and remains my inspiration.

My other inspiration is @KateGarrard because she lives with a chronic auto immune disease but she shows up, coaches and doesn’t let it stand in her way. She’s stood up to bullies and is currently helping to shape our team into something great. Her skate skills are amazing and I am very fortunate to call her my friend.

Sarah says…

My daughter. She’s blind and overcome so many challenges.

She learnt to walk, feed, talk, and dress all whilst dealing with health issues and total blindness.

And also any disabled woman who plays sport! Like the Paralympics !

Carly says…

Hayley Williams.


Cyndi Lauper.

All of these woman inspire me because they show us you don’t have to change yourself to become successful.

Be who you want to be without worrying about other people judging you.

Kirsty says…

My mum inspires me so much and makes me so proud with her work with the Women’s institute and her veganism.

I’m very inspired by Florence Welch and the passion she puts into her performance.

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